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September 17, 2021
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September 24, 2021
Los Angeles freeway junk removal

Believe it or not, L.A.'s freeways are its biggest garbage dump

Knowing What Goes Where

Junk hauling companies in Los Angeles such as Bumblebee Junk are professionals in more ways than one. We not only know how to be the most effective and cheap junk removal service but we know what to do with the specific items you get rid of when you clean out your garage, home or office.

We’ve talked about yard waste and how much of that can be put to good use in the form of mulch or compost. In fact for plant-based waste that’s the optimal use. Trying to dispose of waste of this nature in a local landfill is counterproductive. Plants contain a lot of moisture. This is, of course, beneficial when composting because the moisture levels and humid environment help create nutrient rich compost to add to your soil. Not so for landfills. The moisture content in materials like these actually prevent or hinder the decomposition of garbage since landfills are constructed to prevent moisture or air from circulating (in order to protect the environment). Which composting you’re able to churn the mixture to speed up the decomposition.

Los Angeles freeway junk removal
Believe it or not, L.A.’s freeways are its biggest garbage dump

Some so-called yard waste is not organic matter and may actually be construction debris. Think about old drywall or lumber that you’ve removed during a remodel or demolition. The easiest place to put this is out in the yard. No matter the name you give it, if it needs to be removed, we can do it.

As we recently touched on, hazardous substances also need to be disposed of by professionals. Our junk removal teams don’t touch these materials but we can tell you where you can safely dispose of them or who to call.

Junk removal helps keep Los Angeles’ freeways clean

Sustainable Junk Removal

Anything metal, from appliances to leftover building materials, can be recycled. Thanks to our partnership with Los Angeles recycling centers such as TM Scrap Metals, whatever can be sold for scrap and given new life will be. Items like computers with their complex circuitry are an absolute nightmare for most people to disassemble for scrap. A metal recycling facility, however, can make quick work of such items and retrieve whatever valuable metals are contained therein. It’s just another way that a local junk removal firm utilizes its ties to businesses and resources in a local area to extract all usable items from a truckload of junk. It’s only after every resource has been used that the remainder goes to the landfill.

It’s a service we gladly perform for our customers. And let’s be honest, most people don’t have the time or connections to see that the items they get rid of are disposed of in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way. So whether you’re looking for junk removal in Van Nuys, Studio City, Canoga Park or Chatsworth, rest assured you don’t have to worry about where and how your junk will be disposed of. In many cases it won’t be disposed of at all, but find new life as a recycle, refurbished or resold item that will not go into a landfill. Got junk? Call us at 844-647-2727 and bid it goodbye!


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