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October 19, 2021
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Junk suit of armor removed from Van Nuys

No, not the junk suit of armor removed from Van Nuys

Another Strange Junk Hauling Story

Strange junk removal stories are par for the course with us. We’ve seen a lot of different things that people no longer want but which are too big to remove themselves.  Following up on our previous posts we wanted to share yet another item that caught our fancy when we were called to haul it away.

We got a call from a customer in Van Nuys who had one of the most unique items we’ve seen. When the man called us he told us he had a suit of armor that he needed to dispose of. Of course, on hearing this we were immediately intrigued and imagined what this piece of “junk” was going to look like. Some of our team even thought about making use of it for themselves as long as the customer was getting rid of it.

Junk suit of armor removed from Van Nuys
No, not the junk suit of armor removed from Van Nuys

It turns out we were overestimating the quality of this particular suit of armor. Unlike some suits of armor that reenactors may purchase to use for medieval tournaments or things of that nature, this suit of armor was something that looked cobbled together by an amateur welder maybe as a class project. When we asked where the customer has acquired the armor he told us it was a “gift” from a friend who—indeed—was trying to learn the ins and outs of metal working.

We ended up taking the armor off our customer’s hands—it was more bulky and clanky than heavy—but none of our team seemed interested in trying it on anymore. As it turns out, since it was completely made of metal, we tested it to see what kind of metal was used and found that it was constructed from aluminum. It was certainly lighter than a traditional suit of armor for that reason. However, due to its condition and amateur look we ended up taking it to our favorite scrap metal recycling yard.

While it was interesting to get a call to remove a junky suit of armor, that suit no longer exists in its former form. It may now be the soda can you’re holding as you read this!

There may be more suit of armor waiting for disposal in the greater L.A. area. If you happen to have one taking up much needed space in your apartment or home and need it gone, call the armor removal experts at Bumblebee Junk, day or knight!


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