Junk removal companies like us save you time!
Best Reason to Hire a Junk Removal Service: Time
April 20, 2021
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April 26, 2021
Burbank junk removal saves money

Burbank junk removal saves money

Compare to Hauling Your Own Junk

Burbank junk removal company is one of our many monikers, it’s because we’re located in Sun Valley, California on the border of Burbank. One of, if not the most important reasons to hire a junk removal service is that we save you money. Of course we said before that time is money and we save you that too.  But just think about what it would cost to dispose of your junk at the Burbank landfill.

Burbank junk removal saves money
Burbank junk removal saves money

Imagine a scenario where you have a room full of junk you need to get rid of. We need to calculate the cost both in terms of your own junk hauling efforts as well as what the dump charge you to dispose of your junk. Some city dumps or landfills charge around $50 for 200 pounds worth of junk. In addition to this municipal fee the time and effort it takes you to transfer that junk from your home or office to your vehicle and the gas it takes to drive the vehicle to the landfill are all costs you’re going to incur. Junk removal companies deal in bulk trash and therefore pay a lesser fee when disposing of that junk at the landfill then you would if you took that same junk to the landfill yourself.  It just makes more sense all around in terms of ease and true cost to leave the junk removal to the professionals.

Hire the Burbank Junk Removal Pros

Hiring a junk removal service in Burbank such as Bumblebee Junk saves all the time and money.  From your vantage point all it takes in terms of effort is picking up the phone and calling to schedule a junk pickup.  In addition, Bumblebee Junk is going to recycle as much as is possible so number one, that junk isn’t going to the landfill in the first place and number two, we are also saving you additional time were you to try to donate or recycle those same items taking up space in your junk pile.

We don’t want to be accused of contributing to laziness, but when you call Bumblebee junk you literally don’t have to lift a finger. We do all the work. And that’s why we are so successful Burbank area with our junk removal clients. They call. We haul. Call us today! 844-647-2727.


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