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Clutter removal service for Los Angeles or Burbank ADU

Clutter removal service for Los Angeles or Burbank ADU

Cleaning Up Los Angeles, One Truckload at a Time

Clutter removal isn’t just something you do on a whim. Getting rid of excess junk is a life-changing experience. We’ve written several times before about the psychological benefits of reducing clutter in your home or workplace so we won’t belabor the point but in California there’s a new and lucrative reason to eliminate clutter: the housing shortage.

For better or worse there is a housing shortage in California. While we won’t get into the politics of the issue we can all agree that it’s often tough for people to find properties for purchase or rental in our state. Taking a look at Burbank, CA we can see that the housing market is extremely tight and that homeowners in the area seldom sell, meaning few homes come onto the market at any one time in this area.

The lack of availability has led to the rise of the “accessory dwelling unit” or ADU. These may be small buildings or structures on the property of a homeowner which can be rented out. There are guidelines in place as to how to go about renting these extra edifices and full details can be found on the state’s housing website but by renting out additional space people who were looking for a place to live have more opportunities available.

Clutter removal service for Los Angeles or Burbank ADU
Clutter removal service for Los Angeles or Burbank ADU

If you’re like most of us, the extra space you have in and around your home often gets taken up by junk. We tend to use our extra spaces as dumping grounds and places where we can put something we just can’t quite get rid of and forget about it. The trouble is, we continue to add more and more items to this ersatz storage facility and even though we’re not paying rent on it, we’re losing space that could be put to better use.

Remove junk from your ADU and start earning money!

If your property has a building that you’d like to turn into an ADU, but can’t because of excess clutter, it’s time to call the clutter removal specialists. In a matter of minutes (and always less than a day) our team will de-clutter any space in your home or outside it. With a newly-empty exterior building at your disposal you’ll be able to supplement your income by using it as a rental unit or ADU.

Depending on the square footage, you’ll be able to determine the price you can charge your tenant(s). However, by getting rid of clutter and junk you’ve not only given yourself extra space, but you’ll be making money! This is one of the scenarios we love because we like to think our services are valuable. In this case you actually CAN put a dollar value on our junk removal service. That value depends on the rent you charge and how long your tenants occupy your ADU.

Some property owners can even make use of a garage for extra rental space, turning it into a self-contained living area. In that case, too, call on us for garage cleanout services. For any junk hauling job in Los Angeles County, the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley or Ventura County, call the decluttering experts, Bumblebee Junk at 844-647-2727.


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