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Junking Your Old Computer Safely

One thing that often pops up in our business is the disposal of old computers. Now, of course we take care to make sure no customer’s data is ever compromised so should there be a functional hard drive or other storage device in something we haul away you can rest assured that it will be destroyed prior to any recycling efforts. In fact, when we see something like this is a customer’s garage we will be cleaning out we make sure to ask the customer if they want to destroy the drive themselves. If they find it a hassle we’re glad to take a hammer to it ourselves.

We’ve been dealing with online computer resale, repair work and recycling companies for a variety of years and throughout the whole duration, the most essential (and I can’t worry this sufficient) part of the operation has been the protection of business and personal data/ details. This can not be worried about enough. Whatever from replying to e-mails to recycling and surfing the web/ getting rid of your computer system exposes you to scams and identity theft.

Old computer turned into junk
Junk computers may still have data on them. Be careful when hauling them away.

The most overlooked portion of a computer’s life is that of it’s disposal and the security of the information on it’s hard drive.  Binning or tossing your computer without first thinking about the safety of your personal information is merely insane. It’s like tossing your wallet full of credit cards in the garbage bin without cutting all the credit cards up first.

Using a professional recycling service isn’t always the best solution (although Bumblebee Junk IS the exception here). Similarly, the local community recycling center will not be the best place to just take your old computer system. You need to deal with the hard drive or eliminate it. Professional services will guarantee your old computer does not end up in a landfill, but they normally do not ensure that your information will be eliminated. It’s data will most likely be accessed and your individual information taken if your used computer from Burbank ends up on the Ivory Coast. Engaging a recycling company does give you some sense of trust in that there’s a form of contract in place and monies have actually changed hands for a service, however always examine first to make sure that information destruction is consisted of as part of the agreement- and constantly insist on a certificate to say that the disk drive has actually been wiped or obliterated.

Wiping your own information is the best alternative and software application like dBan uses the best and most protected way of doing this. The other choice open to you is to eliminate the disk drive and take a sledge hammer to it. For corporates, computer system recycling usually costs cash and if it doesn’t, the service most certainly involves resale of your items for export to God-knows-where, where information may be accessed on other continents- well outside the shores of your parent country and the laws that secure a business’s rights. Remember, if in doubt, ask. Look for a level of professionalism and a service from your chosen recycling business developed to make sure client retention.

We offer this as a work of warning. Yes, you can trust our junk removal team to keep your data safe but to be absolutely, positively sure, take a few moments and grab that hard drive and smash it to bits. You’ll be certain your data is safe and we’ll be glad to haul all that computer junk away.


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