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Cluttered room in Burbank, CA

Cluttered room in Burbank, CA

Breaking the Cycle of Junk Addiction

Thanks to Benjamin Fortaine For This Post

Mess or clutter is a large piece of trouble for lots of people. At a lecture that I provided, I requested a show of hands pertaining to how many people had issues with clutter and disorganization. I was amazed to discover that at least half the people put up their hands. 

One of my clients informed me that she was attempting to assist her sister get back on her feet after her sibling had been injured with an ailment and also lost her job. Her sister’s house had always been a mess, and had ended up being so loaded with mess that there was no area to walk or sit. My client, Rebecca, provided to get her sibling an auto if she would tidy up her residence. Rebecca also used to assist her sister clean up the house. Rebecca was surprised when her sister refused the deal, although she frantically required the car. He sister hesitated to eliminate the mess. 

Cluttered room in Burbank, CA
Cluttered room in Burbank, CA

Why? Why the “things” Were so Essential to Her?

Beneath all dependencies lies fear – of vacuum, helplessness, isolation as well as aloneness. Dependencies are a means to feel secure from feeling these hard and agonizing sensations, and also an addiction to mess is no exception. It’s all about having a sense of control over sensation secure. Clutter, like all dependencies, supplies a momentary sensation of convenience. However, just like any type of dependency, the clutterer requires a growing number of mess to keep the illusion of security as well as convenience. 

When my mommy passed away and my youngest boy was cleaning out her residence, he discovered significant amounts of clutter. Even though my mother’s home always appeared neat and also tidy, the cupboards as well as drawers were loaded with clutter. My boy who was cleaning out the house told me he uncovered 5 no-longer-functional hair blow dryers in one cabinet. Why would my mom want to keep so many damaged hair dryers? 

My mother matured throughout the anxiety and also always had a concern of not having enough. No matter just how much she gathered materially, she never ever really felt that she had sufficient. The six hair clothes dryers made her feeling safe from her anxiety, even if they didn’t work. 

Carrie has trouble tossing things away, especially publications with “vital’ information in them. She registers for many publications however, being the mother of 3 children, doesn’t often have the moment to read them. So the magazines pile up and also pile up. Carrie really hopes at some time to have the moment to read them, however that time never appears to come. When asked why she won’t toss them out, her answer is, “Due to the fact that there may be something important in them and also I do not wish to miss it.” Carrie fears losing out on some crucial item of details– info that may offer her the tranquility she is seeking. It makes her feeling more secure and also in control to have all the magazines around her with their crucial info, even if she never reaches read them. 

When we do not feel risk-free on the inner level, after that we attempt to make ourselves really feel risk-free on the external degree, and also mess is one method of doing that. Whether it’s things, such as hair clothes dryers, or details, such as in publications as well as newspapers, clutterers do not depend on that they will have what they require. Furthermore, clutterers might be resistant individuals that see messiness as well as clutter as a means of not being managed by someone who desires them to be cool. 


Mess is created and also maintained by a wounded, scared part of oneself, the injured self– the part that runs from the impression of having control over people, events, and end results. As long as this wounded self supervises of the choices, the clutterer will continue to gather mess as a way to offer convenience as well as the impression of control over sensation secure, or continue to be untidy as a method to stand up to being controlled. 

Recovery happens when the person does the internal job required to create a strong, caring adult self. A loving adult is the element people that available to as well as gets in touch with a spiritual source of wisdom, toughness, and love. A loving grownup is capable of taking caring action in our own part. The caring adult runs from fact instead of from the fallacies of the injured self, and also understands that the convenience as well as security that clutter appears to give is an impression– that no matter how much mess collects, the clutterer still feels scared. The loving Grownup knows that safety as well as stability do not hinge on resistance. Only a caring adult who is listened to the advice supplied by a spiritual source and also with the ability of taking loving activity in one’s own behalf can produce a sense of internal safety and security. 

Practicing the six actions of Inner Bonding that we show creates this effective loving adult.

Now of course all of this is in addition to removing the effects of clutter. For that you’d hire a removal service like BumbleBee Junk. However, merely acknowledging you have too much clutter is half the battle and after your garage is cleaned out or house emptied of unnecessary rubbish you can apply the things I mention above to avoid re-cluttering your home or office.


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