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July 16, 2021
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July 23, 2021
Old burbank furniture for removal

Antiques or junk? Old furniture is in demand for recycling

Recycling of Junk is Big Business

According to an article on recycling in all its forms is a booming business. On an individual level we may all do our part by tossing those plastic bottles or aluminum soda cans into the “blue bin” which does have a beneficial effect overall, but there is a market for larger items that are not as easily disposed of.

Old burbank furniture for removal
Antiques or junk? Old furniture is in demand for recycling

In Bloomberg’s article the author writes about how, despite the myriad business closures of 2020 due to the coronavirus, recycling has continued to grow in the United States. In part this is due to the worldwide demand for recyclable materials and the U.S. exports tons of these (e.g., scrap paper, plastic, etc.) to other countries. It’s usually cheaper to reuse these materials than to create products from scratch, hence the constant demand.

A related article on the website paints a somewhat contradictory picture. One salient fact in the article is the statistic that 66% of Americans say they would NOT recycle something if it were inconvenient. There is something to be said for the fact that in some cases it’s not merely inconvenient but almost impossible for the average American to recycle every item he or she needs to dispose of. Take, for example, old appliances. A microwave oven might fit in the back of an SUV or even in the trunk or back seat of a sedan. The same can’t be said of an old refrigerator or oven.

Even with vehicles large enough to transport them, the frustration about what to do with such items often results in those same items ending up on a roadside in the middle of the night as part of some clandestine operation with friends who offer their misguided help. Things disposed of in this way don’t do anyone any good, end up as a blight on the landscape and do not contribute to the global need for recyclable items.

Aluminum Recycling Data

  • While resilient and easily recycled, aluminum otherwise takes up to 5 centuries to break down.
  • Over 380 million tons of aluminum waste was produced in 2017
  • Aluminum that is recycled each year is over 600 million tons
  • Three quarters of all aluminum EVER PRODUCED is still being used.
  • A massive 105,000 soda cans PER MINUTE are recycled in the United States.

With that said, the appetite around the world for recyclable materials remains strong and for those who need junk removal services, hiring local firms that also recycle is a good choice. For example, at Bumblebee Junk we’ll go through each and every truckload of your discarded items to take out anything that can be recycled. Electronics may contain several non-ferrous metals that are in demand but which would be almost impossible for the average person to extract. Still, a junk hauling company like ours which partners with local recyclers can do it. It’s one extra way we maximize our bottom line (and which you don’t have to worry about) while also assuring  you that you’re not only getting rid of junk from your home but that that same junk is not ending up in a landfill (at least as little as possible).

In 2021 we foresee the recycling industry and demand for material growing even more than in 2020. For those to whom eco-friendliness is a concern, letting specialized junk companies handle the tough aspects is an easy choice.

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