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Studio City, CA animal head junk removed

Part of the Studio City animal head junk we removed

More Strange Junk Removing Tales: Studio City

We have almost no end to the strange or unique items we’ve removed. Things that others consider junk but may be in great condition. This latest example comes from a Studio City, CA estate. When the owner of a house on Moorpark Street passed away, some professional organizers were called in to arrange an estate sale by the man’s family members.

After scheduling and holding the estate sale, the organizers were left with some unique items that none of the family members wanted; a dozen or more stuffed animal heads! It turns out that the former owner had been an avid hunter in his younger days and over the years had amassed quite a collection of “trophies.” The collection included several deer, a bighorn sheep, a bobcat and an arctic fox.

Studio City, CA animal head junk removed
Part of the Studio City animal head junk we removed

When the estate sale had concluded the organizers and the family called us in to remove what was left. This included the trophy animals. We were happy to remove what they considered junk from this Studio City residence, however, at least one member of our team thought these animal heads could find better use than being ground up or dumped in a landfill. It was true that the condition of the trophies was very good, despite their age (some were 40 or 50 years old).  While not a hunter himself, our team member took one of the trophies for himself. The others we found homes for including one local restaurant that has a woodsy theme.

It just goes to show that one person’s junk is another’s treasure. Our team member now has a unique conversation piece hanging on the wall of his home and gets comments on it regularly. Of course this is a once-in-awhile find and we don’t usually take the junk we haul home. Sometimes, however, when no one else wants it and just wants it gone, we’re glad to take it off their hands, freeing up space and sometimes giving the items new life elsewhere.

This Michigan home is similar to our Studio City estate sale job

For your post-estate sale junk removal in Studio City, Valley Village or Toluca Lake, call the “trophy removal pros” here at Bumblebee Junk. Once you call, consider it gone! 844-647-2727.


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