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July 9, 2021
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July 16, 2021
Hoarding house cleanout in Burbank, CA

Hoarding house cleanout in Burbank, CA

Preparing Properties to Sell for Higher Prices

One thing in L.A. seems to be constant and that’s the real estate market. In recent years it’s gone in one direction: up. Los Angeles real estate the seen an increase greater than the national average in recent years. We in Southern California are fortunate that, if we own a home, this value is increased more than 7% per year compared to the average of around 4% per year for other parts of the country.

Hoarding house cleanout in Burbank, CA
Hoarding house cleanout in Burbank, CA

What does this have to do with junk hauling? Well, even though houses in the greater Los Angeles area are going to fetch prices higher than those in neighboring states, clean, junk free  property is going to sell I house faster and for more money then one which is cluttered junk, trash or anything else the previous owners never got rid of. This is especially important in the case of hoarders.

A clean property is much more attractive. And just think about it, if you were a prospective buyer would you want to buy a property knowing that burden of cleaning it up would fall on you? In most cases the answer is no. And, if The answer is yes it probably means a reduction in price to compensate the new owner for the time and trouble we’ll take him or her to clean up the property themselves.

That’s why real estate agents and property management companies as well as individual homeowners continue to call junk hauling companies like Bumblebee Junk to come in in clear of the property before taking any pictures or putting any listings online. Savvy Realtors often take beautiful, professional photographs to entice buyers and they know that house free of junk is going to look much better more attractive to buyers in the alternative.

If you’re a homeowner or real estate agent with The house in the Los Angeles area that needs to be cleaned out prior to sale, call in the professional junk hauling team Bumblebee Junk. We are the first step in selling your home for top dollar. Call us today at 818–771–0510.


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