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September 21, 2021
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September 29, 2021
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Appliance removal in Los Angeles is our job!

Was it Oscar Wilde who said “things fall apart, and the center cannot hold”? Regardless of the quote, such is life, especially in our modern world, where home appliances have become necessities. Even if they give you a full decade or more of flawless service, your clothes washer, dryer, refrigerator, and dishwasher will eventually break down and need to be replaced.

Replacing an appliance at a big box store or via online is a fairly simple process, but what are you going to do with the old appliance? Some appliance stores charge you a large service fee to remove your old appliance, even moreso if you need it done on the same day as when your new appliance is delivered.

Removing an old appliance from your home can be a difficult, and even dangerous, proposition if you try to do it alone. Without the right training and equipment, things can go wrong in a hurry. Save yourself some money and hassle and call Bumblebee Junk instead. Our appliance removal team is standing by to come to your home and haul your old appliance away at a time of your choosing. We’ll even see to it that your appliance is recycled to reduce potential ecological impacts, too. Don’t delay—call Bumblebee Junk today!

appliance removal in Burbank, CA
Appliance removal in Los Angeles is our job!

Appliance Removal Checklist Questions

Why should I pay a company to haul away my old stove?

Most major household appliances weigh several hundred pounds. Attempting to move something that heavy by yourself can be dangerous, both to your personal safety and the interior of your home. Bumblebee Junk has all the necessary tools and equipment to move an old appliance safely out of your home. We will put it onto our junk removal truck without you having to worry about your property or health. It is always going to be safer and a lot easier to call junk hauling experts like us to take your obsolete appliance than it would be to risk injury to yourself or damage to your home.

Why should I get rid of old appliances from my home as soon as possible?

Many people tend to put this off for months or even years because it’s such a chore. Some folks just put that old stove or oven in their garage and forget about it. They let it take up space. Keeping a non-functional appliance in your garage (or yard) merely uses up valuable floor space, and it’s going to become a major inconvenience sooner rather than later. Some old appliances also become hazards especially for children or pets. You obviously don’t want a safety risk sitting on your property which can easily turn into a serious problem.

When is the optimal time to schedule my appliance removal with Bumblebee Junk?

If you have a deadline imposed by (for example) a homeowner’s association or property manager to have your ancient appliances taken away, call and book an appointment with us right away. To help us out, be prepared to give us a description of the appliance and any related accessories you want to be removed from your residence or commercial property. If you just need a quote to get the ball rolling, that’s fine with us, too.

What appliances do you remove and recycle?

Any appliance that can be removed by a two-person team. We merely require the details regarding what we need to remove so we can prepare our team and truck. Bumblebee Junk removes and recycles the all types of common household appliances:

• Trash compactors

• Refrigerators

• Ovens/stoves

• Hot water heaters

• Room air conditioners

• Dishwashers

• Clothes washers

• Dryers

• Freezers

• Lawnmowers

• Microwaves

You don’t want your old appliances taking up valuable living space longer than necessary. Call Bumblebee Junk today and have us haul them away. 844-647-2727!

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