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July 6, 2021
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Junk pick up company Los Angeles customer service sign

Junk pick up companies in Los Angeles need great customer service. You'll get it with Bumblebee Junk.

A “Haul or Nothing” Story

Junk pick up companies in Los Angeles seem to be just about everywhere. And why not? Junk often overtakes our homes, offices and our lives. When it does that’s when you need a service like ours to “de-junkify” your life. If junk hauling companies like ours are so prevalent, why choose us over the other guys? Well, it all began about 6 years ago… (cue dream sequence).

There is, as you can well imagine, a very large market in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley for junk removal. Multiply the number of inhabitants by the number of years they live here as well as the number of things they buy or acquire year after year. You soon see how the junk piles up. Thus, the junk removal business came into being since, after all, no one can really live with all that accumulated junk forever. And, about 6 years ago, we entered the junk removal industry.

One Junk Pick Up

When talking about junk pick up we refer to both the act of removing junk and our original vehicle. Yes, when we began hauling junk we had only one vehicle and we did our darndest to do the best junk removal job we could. We were (and are) competing every day for L.A.’s junk removal dollars with other firms—some with big names and bigger advertising budgets—so we had to differentiate ourselves from those other companies? How? In one way we made our junk removal prices as competitive as possible. We still do. We don’t want you hiring another company and we’ll beat any recent price quote by our competitors.

Junk pick up company Los Angeles customer service sign
Junk pick up companies in Los Angeles need great customer service. You’ll get it with Bumblebee Junk.

The other way is through customer service. We know you have a plethora of choices when it comes to junk hauling options so we try our very best to be the friendliest, most helpful junk removal company in all of Los Angeles. We think we do a good job at it, too since our word-of-mouth referrals and positive feedback have allowed us to grow and service even more of Southern California. Remember that single junk pickup? Well, because we’ve been able to expand over the last few years we now have a fleet of vehicles and can handle even more junk.

Good customer service is beneficial to any company. You can read the statistics on what good customer service means to the bottom line of a business. That’s well and good, but treating people with courtesy and going the extra mile isn’t just about making money. It’s also the right thing to do. We know when you pick up the phone or go online to hire a company, you want a great experience. And just because we’re all about “junk” doesn’t mean customer service doesn’t apply. It does! We want to be your junk pick up service. We also want to be your friend’s, family’s, coworker’s and any other person-you-know’s junk pickup service. That’s the reason behind our growth as a business and how we conquered the Los Angeles junk removal market.

Good customer service isn’t just a good idea, it’s the right thing to do!

Call us today and experience the Bumblebee Junk difference. And tell your friends! 844-647-2727.

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