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March 31, 2021
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Junk Removal Company To The Rescue
April 2, 2021
Junk hauling company Burbank fire damage image

Junk hauling company Burbank fire damage image

Burbank Junk Haulers Make Life a Little Easier

Junk hauling companies like Bumblebee Junk in the Burbank/Sun Valley areas of Los Angeles are prepared to help following natural disasters. Like our neighbors in other states that have to deal with tornadoes or floods, we here in the Los Angeles and Southern California area have our own particular types of natural disasters. Earthquakes come to mind first and foremost but we’ve also have to deal with fires and mudslides in recent years.

Folks who live in the Verdugo foothills around Burbank, Glendale or Sun Valley have had their share of wildfire scares in recent years. Luckily we have had very few, if any, structures destroyed in the most recent fires but that hasn’t always been the case. When a structure is destroyed by fire, many times that means there’s going to be debris left over. And that debris needs to be cleaned up so that repair or rebuilding can start. In the case of a totally destroyed home, removing the junk that results from fire is the first step to rebuilding your home and your life.

Junk hauling company Burbank fire damage image
Junk hauling company Burbank fire damage image

Houses are fairly large structures which means that when they’re affected by fire they’re going to create the significant amount of junk that needs to be removed. Odds are you’re not going to be able to haul the junk away yourself and that’s where a professional junk removal company comes in. We never look forward to a natural disaster such as an earthquake or fire, but in both instances it’s important to clean up and start the rebuilding process. For those in Southern California – specifically the greater Los Angeles area—you’re going to want to find a local junk removal company. The odds are, when searching for “junk removal company near me,” Bumblebee Junk is going to pop up in the search results. That’s because we’ve got an enviable track record serving communities of the San Fernando Valley from Van Nuys or Northridge to the west and Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood or Eagle Rock to the east. We are the junk removal specialists your neighbors call, and not just following a disaster but for any and all junk removal needs.

Dealing with junk? Make a beeline for Bumblebee Junk.


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