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Los Angeles Junk Removal Company or You?
April 13, 2021
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April 15, 2021
Junk removal from Los Angeles construction site

Junk removal from Los Angeles construction site

Los Angeles Area Company Handles It All

Los Angeles junk removal company BumbleBee Junk includes clean up/junk hauling of construction/demolition debris in its roster of skills. Odds are there’s a house, apartment building or office being built or renovated somewhere near you right now. If you’re the one involved in construction or demolition you’re going to be faced with piles of detritus; leftover odds and ends of the construction process. The question then arises, what do I do with all this junk?

Junk removal from Los Angeles construction site
Junk removal from Los Angeles construction site

Larger construction efforts will include dumpster rentals but what if you’re the single-family home owner doing some renovation on your house? What if you’re demolishing that old dilapidated shed in the backyard all by yourself? The remnants of that shed are going to need to be disposed of. Now maybe you or your brother has a pickup truck you can pile the junk into and drive to the dump. But maybe not.

Also note that some cities (see Huntington Beach’s statement as an example) don’t allow hazardous construction junk to be disposed of like other junk. Junk removal experts will be able to guide you.

The results of demolition or construction are also going to be extremely dusty, dirty and with the number of sharp or pointed edges. Do you really want to be handling all that stuff? On top of that think about the time involved taking over material from your site to your vehicle, driving to the dump, unloading it  and returning.  Is it really safe or cost-effective for you to do this yourself?

Even with the dumpster rental you’re still dealing with a unsafe material and have to haul it from its location in your home or yard to the dumpster and then wait for the scheduled pickup. There’s a better way. Pick up the phone or visit Bumblebeejunk.com and schedule the junk pick up. We’ll be on the spot quickly, haul away your unwanted refuse, clean up the area and be gone. Does that not sound like an easier way?

San Fernando Valley Junk Removal Specialists

If this is your situation and you live in the greater Los Angeles area, say Burbank, Van Nuys or some other San Fernando Valley city you need to make that call Bumblebee Junk.  We are the safe, cost-effective and sanity-keeping junk removal company near you.


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