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June 2, 2021
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June 11, 2021
Burbank junk removal from Los Angeles

Burbank junk removal from Los Angeles

Hauling Away L.A. One Truckload at a Time

Burbank junk removal is one of our taglines since we’re so close to that city. Indeed, if you’ve seen our junk removal radius article you know our junk hauling services expand out across Los Angeles, Simi Valley, the San Gabriel Valley and even to Thousand Oaks. Our position in the center of that radius (in Sun Valley, CA) means that for Burbank junk removal clients, it’s a matter of minutes until we’re at their residence or office to pick up and haul away all the junk they need gone.

Burbank junk removal from Los Angeles
Burbank junk removal from Los Angeles

A Century of Change in Burbank

Burbank has certainly grown over the last 100 years and folks who live or work here now would scarcely recognize it. Back near the turn of the century the area was pretty much agricultural. Burbank has a long history that goes back to the Spanish expedition from Mexico in the 1700s. And indigenous peoples lived here for centuries before that. Fast forward to the late 1800s and early 1900s and we find dentist David Burbank purchasing the land that would bear his name down to this day.

We don’t often stop to think about the history of a particular place like Burbank, even if we live, work or drive through here but we should. And of course our home base in Sun Valley shares the same history as our sister city so it’s important that we appreciate all those who have gone before us and made our town(s) what it is today.

Burbank Growth vis-à-vis Junk Removal

The growth in population over the last several decades has been good for the junk removal industry, we must admit. The more people in a given location, the more things they will possess, use and discard. It’s the discarding part that is important to us. Of course we don’t want people to throw absolutely everything into the trash. In many cases it’s wasteful and it fills up our landfills more quickly than necessary. We want to be the Burbank junk removal alternative. Call junk haulers like us to pick up your junk. We will only dispose of those things that cannot be donated, salvaged or scrapped so you can feel good about calling us in to do the job. You need not worry about environmental issues when you hire Bumblebee Junk. All you have to do is relax while we handle the junk pickup.

If you’re one of our Burbank, CA neighbors and the junk is getting out of hand, make the call and leave it to us. BumbleBee Junk is the friendliest and best junk removal company in Burbank! 844-647-2727.

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