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Old Appliance Removal Los Angeles
May 10, 2021
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Junk Removal in the San Fernando Valley
May 18, 2021
Heavy junk removal in Los Angeles

Heavy junk removal in Los Angeles

Heavy Junk Hauling

Los Angeles junk removal companies like BumbleBee Junk perform several valuable services, but perhaps the most valuable is saving your back. Think about it. Especially when you have a pile of heavy junk taking up valuable space in your home or office, you don’t want or need to left these heavy objects yourself.

Heavy junk removal in Los Angeles
Heavy junk removal in Los Angeles

Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments in this country and in many cases back strain and the resulting pain is the result of lifting heavy objects or lifting them improperly. Notable institutions such as the University of North Carolina have written detailed studies on back injuries with respect to lifting heavy objects. Removing junk by yourself when it’s heavy can be a recipe for disaster. And when you injure your back, you may be prevented from working or doing anything else with ease until you recover. Back pain like sciatica can be debilitating, making it impossible to bend over, get up from a chair or even walk in some cases.

Hauling heavy junk is really something that should be left to the professionals. And that’s what we are at BumbleBee Junk. Call us “hunks” if you want to (we don’t mind) but aside from our physical prowess our equipment and vehicle fleet allows us to pick up and remove junk that weighs a lot. It’s a win-win for you and for us when you call us for a junk pickup. You don’t have to lift a finger (or strain your back) and we get another satisfied customer.

All this is especially true if you are anything less than an Olympic power lifter. It’s a wise person that knows it’s better and safer to leave the junk hauling to a company whose sole purpose is cleaning out junk from homes and offices throughout Los Angeles. One call and your worries (and your junk!) will be gone. Whether you’re in Burbank, Van Nuys or even Simi Valley or Thousand Oaks, BumbleBee Junk will be on the spot and equipped to remove even your most substantial junk.

You may have found us through an online search such as “junk removal company near me.” If so, we thank you in advance for that phone call to schedule your junk pickup. Once you contact us, we’re confident you’ll find our professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction makes us the best junk removal company in Los Angeles. See what the BumbleBee Junk difference is. Call us today! 844-647-2727.


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