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Junk the Old and Go For the New

When our customers remodel and need the house or garage emptied, they call us. Along with construction and demolition debris we haul away a lot of old kitchen cabinetry. People are opting for new cabinets which are not just for the kitchen these days. If you’re junking you old kitchen fixtures consider some ideas for cabinets.

The days of cabinetry just being utilized in restrooms and kitchen areas are over. The cabinetry of today is more versatile than even and fulfills your room’s specialized needs.

According to Paul Radoy, Merillat kitchen cabinetry, style services supervisor, a growing pattern in today’s homes is the multipurpose space, which can be utilized for anything from pastimes to everyday activities.

In a multipurpose room, cabinets offers house owners with functionality, yet has the ability to mix in with the design of the remainder of the house.

” The cabinets in the multipurpose space can match the cabinets and wood in the remainder of the home to keep a connected and constant look throughout,” stated Radoy.

junk kitchen cabinets junk removed and replaced
Kitchen cabinets junk removal when remodeling

Lifestyle Uses

The multipurpose space can be utilized for a variety of hobbies. Areas are constructed into the room, which can be used for crafts, sewing, scrapbooking or perhaps tying fishing flies.

Homeowners can also use part of the room as a home office and research area for kids.

Organizational Uses

” Organizational choices make the area work smarter for individual activities,” stated Radoy. “Including wrapping paper holders, cubbies and a pull-out garbage can keep products nicely hid.”

Making efficient use of the cabinetry can provide a great deal of storage to satisfy all of the property owner’s requirements.

” Homeowners may likewise wish to think about adding an island—even one on wheels–in order to have extra storage and have a moveable work area,” said Radoy.

Everyday Uses

The multipurpose space is geared up with an ironing board washer, pullout and dryer, and clothing rods.

” Homeowners can exercise, do laundry and assist the kids with homework all in the exact same place,” said Radoy. “The space truly serves a range of functions.”

A multipurpose space can accommodate all these activities and pastimes while offering additional storage. “Homebuyers ought to consider this kind of space when buying a brand-new house in addition to homeowners who are thinking about renovating,” stated Radoy. “The multipurpose room is an example of how high traffic and function can co-exist with high style.”

When you do make the decision to have your old appliances and cabinet hauled away don’t just go at them with a sledgehammer. We’ll be glad to haul them away intact and donate them to organizations that can refurbish and resell them. So when remodeling your home, remember Bumblebee Junk!


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