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Junk Removal Near Me in the San Fernando Valley
June 16, 2021
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June 29, 2021
David Burbank: city founder. Junk removal enthusiast

David Burbank: city founder. Junk removal enthusiast

Junk Hauling In the Heart of the San Fernando Valley

Junk removal in cities like Burbank is often a decision based on proximity. Burbank residents (like people anywhere in the San Fernando Valley) are going to search for a junk removal firm near them. Maybe there’s a certain sense of loyalty we all have to the locales we live in or maybe it’s perceived convenience (if you live in Burbank you probably subconsciously think calling a Burbank junk removal company is going to be quicker). It’s not exactly true, but we like to think that way.

The fact is, hiring a junk removal service like us—Bumblebee Junk—means wherever you are, Burbank, Glendale, Van Nuys or even Simi Valley, when you make that appointment we’ll be there at the time we say. It doesn’t matter what your location is.

It just so happens that Burbank residents need not worry anyway since we’re practically a Burbank company. We’re located just north of you in Sun Valley and depending on where you are we’re closer to some parts of Burbank than you are! If you’re dead set on doing business with a local firm, that’s us. From our Tuxford Street location we’re only a few minutes from Hollywood Way, the Burbank Airport or landmarks like Porto’s on Magnolia. Since Interstate 5 runs right through Burbank we can hop on the 5 and be at your door in a few minutes. From Downtown Burbank to Alameda or to points north we’ve got it covered.

David Burbank: city founder. Junk removal enthusiast
David Burbank: city founder. Junk removal enthusiast

However… like we said, it really doesn’t matter where you are. So the choice of which junk hauling company you want to deal with comes down to two main considerations: price and service. Bumblebee Junk is well known as the low-cost junk removal pros since we’ll beat any recent competitor’s quote. That leaves customer service. We think you will find our service exceptional. We treat our customers like royalty. Want junk removed? Yeah, we do that. But we also go the extra mile to make sure that space is tidied up before we leave. Who does that? Bumblebee Junk, that’s who. Check out some of the before and after photos on our website to see what we mean. Garage bulging with junk so much that you can’t park your car in it? We’ll remove that junk and let you drive into a clean and spotless garage. Has your backyard become more of a junkyard? Let us at it and watch your junkyard return to a clutter-free playground for your kids.

Look, we know how it is. Life in Southern California (actually anywhere) means the accumulation of stuff. That stuff has to go somewhere and it’s usually easiest to just add it to some already existing pile. We’re hesitant to get rid of some things and it’s easier to put it somewhere on our properties and telling ourselves, “we’ll get to that soon.” It’s a good intention but somehow we keep putting it off as well as adding more stuff to the pile. Pretty soon we wonder where all that space went.

When you make the decision to reclaim that space, that’s the time to call Bumblebee Junk. We know what life is like and we also know that when you finally call a junk removal company you want that space back and in pristine condition once that junk haulers leave. That’s what we do. Our business in Burbank, Los Angeles and the whole San Fernando Valley depends on the great reviews we get from our customers. If we don’t do a great job, word gets around. It’s through excellent customer service that we have been able to expand. Try us! We know you won’t be disappointed. Call us today at 844-647-3737. Make your junk a thing of the past!

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