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Junk Removal Near Me in the San Fernando Valley
June 16, 2021
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June 25, 2021
Junk removal from Los Angeles beach

Junk removal from Los Angeles beach

Bumblebee Junk Solves a Problem

Junk removal in Los Angeles comes with a plethora of benefits. These benefits are several-fold and the beneficiaries include you (the owner of the “junk”), us (the junk removal company) and the environment among others.

Junk removal from Los Angeles beach
Junk removal from Los Angeles beach

Now, we’ve detailed in previous junk removal posts just what some of those benefits are. At the risk of sounding like a broken record there are obvious health  and safety benefits (removing junk decreases allergens, insect infestations, and potential slip and fall hazards, etc.), as well as psychological benefits (junk removing is like your sinus when an antihistamine kicks it—you are able to breathe once more). But the other benefit we’ve written about is that by hiring a dedicated (in every sense of the word) junk removal team, you reduce the amount of things that go into our Southern California landfills.

Reduce, reuse, recycle goes the old saying and that’s what we do with your junk when you enlist our services. By repurposing (donating or otherwise) some of the junk we haul away that means we (or anyone) is not purchasing that item new. We’re reducing the amount of products used for whatever the purpose might be. Reusing also applies here. If those junk items are still usable, someone else can get more use out of them and continue to use preexisting items in lieu of making new purchases. (By the way, that saves money, too!). And when it comes to recycling, if we collect junk that can be recycled (e.g., scrap metal) we’ll do so.

Aside from health, safety, recycling and monetary benefits of junk removal, as we said our landfills benefit since those recycled or repurposed items don’t end up there.

If you’ve ever wondered where all of our trash goes here in Los Angeles County, the L.A. County Public Health Dept. has an informative list of our Southern California landfills including locations. From Burbank to Antelope Valley to Calabasas to San Clemente you can see the locations in our part of the state that are dedicated to housing our trash. It’s easy to see how these landfills can very quickly reach their limits. Although some have lifespans several decades in length, at some point each one of these landfills will reach capacity and new landfills must be found and opened. Think about all the garbage your house generates each week. Multiply that by the number of residents in your town (or say, the whole San Fernando Valley). Multiply that by 52 weeks in a year and very quickly you see what a gargantuan undertaking it is to keep us from wallowing in our own garbage.

Los Angeles junk removal means avoiding this

Removing Junk The Right Way

Junk can contribute to the amount of waste we generate, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Hiring a veteran junk removal team here in Los Angeles means that whatever can be recycled will be. You’re not only doing yourself a favor when you call a junk removal company like BumbleBee Junk, you’re helping Los Angeles and all of Southern California deal more efficiently with its waste. Removing your own junk usually means a trip to the landfill. You may be ridding yourself of your junk (if you are equipped to haul it depending upon the amount and bulk of your junk) but you’re not doing the environment as much good as you could. You can feel good about using a junk hauling service since all this extra care for the environment is included in our fee. If you needed another reason to hire BumbleBee Junk Removal, let this be it. Call us today and see how easy and how eco-friendly junk hauling in L.A. can be. 844-647-2727


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