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Top 7 Reasons You Need a Professional Junk Removal Service
April 12, 2021
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Junk Removal For Construction Sites
April 14, 2021
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Time is money. Hire junk removal pros to save both!

Which is the Better Choice?

Everyone wants to keep their home or office clean and if you have a lot of junk you might think about removing it yourself. But, you might be better served hiring a junk removal company instead of taking on the task yourself.

Why? In most cases it’s going to be more cost effective. If you have a few items that need to be tossed, of course you can do it yourself, but for substantial piles of junk, outsourcing this job really does save you time, money and hassle. When you work with a local junk removal company things are better all around.

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Time is money. Hire junk removal pros to save both!

Visualize removing junk on your own. There are a few different scenarios such as piling everything into a vehicle and carting it off to the dump. This takes time. You have to spend the time loading and unloading the vehicle. If it’s big enough you can take everything in one trip but when if you have a massive amount of junk? Will it require multiple trips? Then there’s the effort you expend putting things in your car or truck. Is it dirty? Perhaps. But you can bet the dump is dirty and do you really want to set foot in that environment? How long is the drive to the dump? Is this really worth it?

Another scenario is renting a dumpster. You don’t have to haul junk to the dump yourself but you have to wait for delivery of the dumpster, wait for it to be removed and make the effort to fill it up. If you don’t fill it completely you’re paying for unused space. If you overfill it, you may have to pay extra. Again, is all this worth it?

The biggest factor in deciding to hire a Burbank junk removal company like Bumblebee Junk (located in Sun Valley, CA) is that we save you untold amounts of time. A junk hauling company like us is extremely efficient. We arrive, remove the junk and leave. Hey, we even clean up that junk area when we’re done. Doesn’t efficiency sound better than a weekend devoted to removing junk from your home?

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Cost of hiring Los Angeles junk removal experts? Not that much!

Aside from that there may be hidden costs (over and above your valuable time and effort) to removing junk yourself. Heavy items may require special tools or equipment. If you don’t have them you have to buy, rent or borrow them. A professional junk removal service will have everything necessary to get rid of your junk no matter how heavy or unwieldly. One call to a junk hauling service like ours and you don’t even need to think about special equipment.

Junk Removal Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

We haven’t even touched on the aspect of safety. Anytime you’re dealing with junk or debris there’s the risk of accidents me. This is especially common when removing junk from construction sites. Some debris may contain nails, screws or other sharp objects. The professional junk removal company is aware of the risks and ready to take them instead of you. Do you want to risk physical injuries such as back injuries for dislocations?  What about burns cuts or sprains?  You could slip and fall. Slip and fall injuries are serious and can at times result in traumatic brain injuries. Are these things risks that you’re comfortable with? If we had to answer it would be no.

Junk removal injury laceration San Fernando Valley
Junk removal injuries can be serious. Don’t take the risk!

Some common high-risk scenarios that junk pros are equipped to handle include:

Uneven floor surfaces

Haphazard placement of junk items making removal difficult

Heavy junk items

Junk removal deadline (needs to be cleared quickly)

Sometimes junk includes hazardous waste. There are some items that junk removal companies in Los Angeles and indeed around the country will not handle. This includes many hazardous waste of items. Not only should you not attempt to remove items of this nature but you should deal with the company that is specifically equipped to remove hazardous waste.

Removing Junk for Recycling

Veteran junk removal services like Bumblebee Junk will recycle as much as possible and not simply dispose of your junk in landfill. For example we work with colleagues in the metal recycling industry to recycle scrap metals. Other items that could be recycled include batteries or vehicle tires and old electronics or appliances.

For those items that are still in good shape, they can be donated to charity for refurbishment and reuse.

Junk removal has many facets. It’s not simply about disposing of garbage. We play a role in keeping our environment uncluttered and healthy. Most of all we are a cost effective method of removing junk from your home, office or construction site.  If you’re considering junk removal take our advice:  you’ll save a lot of time, trouble—and when it comes down to it, money—by outsourcing your junk removal needs to a professional junk hauling company.


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