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May 6, 2021
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L.A. old appliance removal

L.A. old appliance removal

Junk Hauling Pros Take Care of It

Appliance removal is one aspect of a junk removal company. Some appliances get replaced by newer and better (or better looking) ones. Others may stop working altogether. New homeowners may want to replace existing appliances with others that better meet their needs or sense of aesthetics. Whatever the reason, appliance removal in Los Angeles is something that never seems to go out of style.

L.A. old appliance removal
L.A. old appliance removal

It will be the larger appliances like dishwashers or stoves that have more metal in them that a junk removal company like us will take to the recycling center. Other, smaller appliances like microwaves contain a lot of little parts and taking something like this apart to get at the metal for recycling is too time-intensive. Regardless, whatever old appliance you have that needs to be removed one call to Bumblebee Junk take care of it.

Help Removing Bulky Items

Removing old appliances by yourself is often counterproductive, if not impossible. Not everyone is going to be able to transport large items like we can. Our fleet of vehicles makes it easy and we’re well-versed in moving (and removing) large, bulky items. That’s why we add bulky item pickup to the list of descriptive phrases that describe our junk removing company. Imagine this scenario: you live in an apartment on a higher floor or in a townhouse with narrow stairs leading to the ground floor. Are you prepared to move that junk appliance down the stairs and out to your vehicle? Do you even have a vehicle to transport the junk? Is you time more valuable to you and would you rather be doing something else? We know the answer is yes and that most people would rather have a tooth pulled than haul an old appliance to a pickup for disposal.

If you find yourself faced with old, outdated or non-functional appliances and need appliance removal (or any other type of junk) simply call the junk removal professionals at Bumblebee Junk to schedule a junk pickup. 844-647-2727.


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