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September 10, 2021
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September 17, 2021
Proper waste removal Los Angeles, CA

Proper waste removal Los Angeles, CA

Junk Removal And California Law

Junk removal benefits in California are multiple. A company such as ours can make quick work of hauling away your old furniture, appliances, yard waste or (almost) anything else you can think of. Junk haulers in Los Angeles help with heavy items that you cannot move yourself (or at least not easily). We save your time, health (especially your back) and money.

Proper waste removal Los Angeles, CA
Proper waste removal Los Angeles, CA

Other benefits to using a service like ours is that we know how and where to dispose of your refuse. Some items are required to be disposed of in specific ways and when removing junk in Los Angeles we are under the same guidelines as any other city in the state. This is especially true of hazardous materials (about which, more later).

Some items, while they do not have requirements or laws governing their disposal, may not need disposal at all. Such is the case with old appliances. In some instances these items can be refurbished or sold for scrap. In the latter case, the metals contained in those appliances, no mater how old or decrepit they may have been, get new life once melted down and reformed into new products. In other cases a junk hauling service will donate usable items to various charities or second-hand shops, many of which can refurbish lightly worn articles.

Junk removal firms in Los Angeles have many strategic partnerships not only with landfills but those same second-hand stores or recycling centers. None of this is anything you as the customer needs to be concerned with. A single call to professional junk haulers takes care of everything from the initial pickup and hauling away to proper disposal or reuse.

Hazardous Materials: The Exception

We make it clear on our website that we do not handle any hazardous materials. As we mentioned above, there are specific laws and guidelines for the removal of such materials. Those who do handle them are licensed to do so by the state. Indeed, the state of California goes into some detail in defining what a hazardous material is and the definition is quite broad. In short, it can be anything that is potentially dangerous to human health. Materials can come in solid, liquid or gaseous form. In general the state puts hazardous materials into 4 or 5 classes. These include:



P or U-List


F-List items are non-specific source wastes (e.g., industrial waste, solvents, etc.). K-List items a from specific sources, such as the waste generated by the petroleum industry. P- or U-List items are discarded commercial chemical products. And M-List items contain mercury.

Properties of hazardous substances may be inflammability, corrosiveness, reactivity or toxicity. Check with your local, county or state agency as to what constitutes a hazardous material if you are unsure. You may also read more about these materials on the California State government web sites.

If you are looking to get rid of waste and are unsure if what you have is potentially dangerous, give us a call.  It’s better for us (and for you) to know beforehand whether you items fall into general junk removal or have to be specially handled.  In any case your local junk removal company will be able to assist you, either by removing the items or pointing you in the right direction to remove them safely. In Los Angeles, that’s Bumblebee Junk Removal.


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