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June 25, 2021
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July 2, 2021
Burbank Glendale, CA poperty cleanup

Burbank Glendale, CA poperty cleanup

Burbank, Glendale Neighbors Swear By Bumblebee Junk          

Property cleanup is one of the services we provide here at Bumblebee Junk. Because we’re located to close to Burbank and Glendale, CA it stands to reason that a lot of our Burbank neighbors call on us when things get out of hand, junk wise. Hey, we know how it is (because we often do the same things ourselves). You start living in a home which is empty when you first move in. Over time you (and all of us) start collecting “things.” Pretty soon, before you know it, those things are taking up all your garage or yard space. At some point you need to tell yourself enough is enough and call the property cleanup professionals to reclaim that lost space.

Burbank Glendale, CA poperty cleanup
Burbank Glendale, CA property cleanup

Glendale residents, we’re just a phone call away. Whether you live above Glenoaks, on or near Glendale’s portion of the Verdugo mountains or south near Chevy Chase or Adams, we can help you win back lost territory. That is, your garage! Burbank residents, do you live near the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and need more horse space? Or do you live near Bell Jeff on Olive or near the Empire Center. We’ve got you covered too and will open up spaces you probably forgot about.

Estate Clean Ups and Realtors’ Best Friends

We’re talking property cleanups and it’s a necessity to make you home as welcoming as possible. In some cases you’ll be welcoming your car back into your garage! We’re located in Sun Valley, CA which is just a hop, skip and a jump from our Burbank and Glendale neighbors so it just makes sense to hire the junk removal company close by: Bumblebee Junk. We can handle un-cluttering your garage, home or yard or in the case of estates, cleaning out anything that you don’t want sold in an estate sale. Moving? You’ll want your property to look as inviting as possible and we’re the property cleanout specialists that will get your home market ready.

Our team of trained junk hauling professionals takes your junk very seriously. If it’s junk and taking up valuable space, once we get our mitts on it, it’s gone! Our seasoned junk removal specialists will take the time to make sure that space is clean and tidy before we leave. Take a look at our before and after photos on our website to see what we mean.

We service all of greater Los Angeles, which means anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood or West L.A. and as far as Thousand Oaks or Simi Valley, but our next door neighbors in Glendale or Burbank, North Hollywood and Van Nuys have a special place in our junk removing hearts! If you’re a Burbank or Glendale resident and you need a property clean out ASAP, call Bumblebee Junk right now! We want to keep Glendale and Burbank junk free. 844-647-2727.


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