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January 21, 2022
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View of Burbank, CA landfill with junk piles

View of Burbank, CA landfill with junk piles

For many years I was somebody who never ever truly completed the idea; when I toss something away it goes … Now that I represent a junk removal company and deal with recycling or repurposing the items we haul away my outlook has changed considerably.

A few year ago I’d given myself a great gift fantastic present; call it a field trip, if you like, but I took myself to my town’s landfill my eyes opened for the first time. I didn’t grow up picturing the Earth covered in over-flowing land fills, piles and stacks of trash as high as the tallest structure that was not my experience.

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I think I’ve constantly considered utilizing charge card as not being genuine cash, that’s the very same way I viewed trash. I know I’ve read about landfills ending up being, well, complete and how that will cause a problem but up until I took myself out to the website itself, I still had this childish concept that as soon as I put something into the trash can, it simply went – away.

Seeing, with my own eyes, the area designated for my neighborhood’s left overs resembled a huge slap of truth. I was lastly able to comprehend the thought; “if I’m not the only one throwing things away carelessly, and if others are doing it too, this space will not last too long.”

View of Burbank, CA landfill with junk piles
View of Burbank, CA landfill with junk piles

I was amazed at some of the items I saw at the town’s land fill, too. There were pieces of furniture that, being someone creative, I could see would make good trash-to-treasures pieces. Maybe these refurbished items could be the one piece that brought the feel of a room together, that finished what the space is to seem like and express. Instead, somebody tossed them out and they were using up (a lot) of area in a minimal area and would trigger tension, not joy.

I’m lucky due to the fact that my children, who are early teens, have been taught about the value of recycling and the importance of what we require to do to keep the world from being buried in worthless trash. They have actually been paying attention to the lessons that have come their way, where as, I needed to see it for myself before I might be encouraged to change the way I do things.

The bright side is, it just took one quick journey to the landfill, for me to come to my senses and make modifications about the way I do things and about the method I think. If we are not believing globally when it comes to squander, and what we’re leaving, we’re not being clever.

Get some kids, or some forty-somethings and take yourself on a sightseeing tour that may extremely well, do for you what it provided for me; make the changes needed for me to see what the reality of our scenario is and alter the way I do things.

As I said I was for many years someone who never ever actually completed the idea; when I throw something away it goes (who knows where?)

I’ve given have actually offered great gift excellent year; call it a field trip, journey you like, but I took myself and my kids to my town’s landfill and garbage dump and just as my eyes opened for the first time so did theirs. Like me they didn’t grow up imagining the Earth bustings at the seams with land fills, junk piles and stacks of rubbish as high as the highest building that was not their experience. So my field trip with my kids worked as well with them as it had for me years ago.

If you think along the same lines as I do now, you can rest assured that when you hire a junk hauling service like mine, whatever can still be used, will be. Whether that’s in the form of charitable donations or recycling we make sure as little as possible ends up in our local dump. And if you want a unique “field trip” like the one I took, take a jaunt to one of Burbank’s landfills and see how you feel afterwards.


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