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March 30, 2021
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April 1, 2021
Los Angeles junk removal company debris

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Los Angeles Junk Removal and The Law

Think removing junk is just something you do every once in a while to get rid of clutter? Sometimes that’s true, but there are other more serious reasons to hire a junk removal company like Bumblebee Junk.

Los Angeles junk removal company debris
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In legal terms were talking about something called premises liability. This area of the law covers things like slip and fall accidents, trips and falls, etc. Property owners have a duty to keep their properties free of hazards that may cause or contribute to the injury of someone who is visiting the property. In some cases—for example spilled liquid in a grocery store—removing the hazard maybe a simple as mopping up.

In the case of building construction or demolition, any of these may result in the presence of physical hazards. Debris on the ground may cause someone to trip or there may be things hanging overhead that need to be removed before they can fall and injure someone. Even neatly-piled items can be potential hazards if they’re not secured. The bottom line is that if these are items that cannot be repaired, are obsolete or need to be removed—in short they are junk—that’s the time to call a junk removal company.

Junk Hauling Companies Save Money

When you think about it, the cost hiring a Los Angeles junk removal company is negligible compared to what a company or property owner face in terms of a personal injury lawsuit. Some premises liability cases have resulted in verdicts in the millions of dollars. Not hiring a professional company to all your junk away can be penny wise and pound foolish.  It’s a smart move to take care of any potential problems as soon as possible and if you’re anywhere in the Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley area, from Burbank/Glendale to Studio City to Van Nuys, the junk removal company you need to call his Bumblebee Junk.

Junk can be dangerous. Let us get rid of it for you.


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