Commercial junk hauling company for business renovation
Commercial Junk Removal Services
May 3, 2021
L.A. old appliance removal
Old Appliance Removal Los Angeles
May 10, 2021
Los Angeles real estate cleanup junk removal

Los Angeles real estate cleanup junk removal

Junk Hauling Company Serves All Needs

Junk removal is a service that’s always in demand. We should know. We’ve been junk hauling for several years now and there never seems to be a slow period (with the possible exception of those rare, very cold winter days. Los Angeles residents will always continue to acquire things—stuff—which ultimately becomes junk. The cycle keeps us busy.

Residential junk removal is only one facet of our business and as we’ve written several times in our junk removal blog we provide commercial and industrial junk removal or debris removal services.

Real Estate Junk Removal for Los Angeles

One of the lesser known but much appreciated services we provide is a real estate cleanup. Many times a homeowner leaves a real estate agent with a house full of junk that does not lend itself to enticing photos that will attract buyers. The cleaner the home (the more junk-free it is), the better the chance of selling quickly or fetching a higher price compared to a home cluttered with the previous owners detritus.

Los Angeles real estate cleanup junk removal
Los Angeles real estate cleanup junk removal

Bumblebee Junk will work with real estate agents to swoop in and haul away the unwanted junk that’s getting in the way of truly showing off the home. Even if the current occupants are still in the home, we can work with them and any realtor to clean up and clean out the home before real estate photos are taken.

Removing Old Appliances

Sometimes a homeowner will make upgrades to their house to entice buyers. This may include replacing older appliances like washers or driers, stoves or ovens or refrigerators. The new appliances will increase the value of the home allowing the owner to make a higher profit, but if the old appliances are still in the house they need to be removed. No worries, Bumblebee Junk are pros at appliance removal and will make short work of those old home appliances.

Some appliances such as microwave ovens need to be disposed of or recycled properly and we take care to make sure anything with lasers or radiation or other hazardous parts is taken to the correct facilities for disposal. In the case of other junk appliances, many parts can be recycled as scrap. If that’s the case then we’ll handle that as well making sure none (or as little) of the junk we haul goes to waste.

Got a house to sell? Need a real estate cleanout? If you’re anywhere in Los Angeles, give the cleanup experts at Bumblebee Junk a call. We’re the solution to all your (junk) problems. 844-647-2727.

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