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Removing junky exercise gear in Burbank, CA

We've got the muscle to remove your junk gym gear!

Some of the Weirdest Things We’ve Ever Hauled Away

As a local junk removal company it doesn’t matter what it is that we get hired to haul away. We’ve done and seen pretty much everything. But because every one of our customers is unique and has accumulated stuff that’s specific to them, we get asked to dispose of some pretty obscure items.

Take a recent Burbank junk removal job. We showed up to the customer’s house to find, among other items, something that looked like a rowing machine. It had two handles that resembled oars and a seat in the middle where the person was supposed to sit. Unlike other rowing machines this did not contain any springs but rather the user was supposed to somehow tighten the tension on the handles to create resistance.

Removing junky exercise gear in Burbank, CA
We’ve got the muscle to remove your junk gym gear!

When we asked what it was, the customer told us it was an “aerobot.” This piece of exercise equipment was made in the 1980s and was still in the customer’s house taking up space! He quickly hopped on it to show us how it was supposed to work and began “rowing.” There was really no resistance to the motion and he told us as much. The item had become a huge, useless paperweight and remained in the home for decades!

We also found out one reason this item had not been moved. It was very heavy! It must have weighed close to 200 pounds. As our customer got older over the years it became less and less easy for him to move, let alone get rid of this object. However our team made quick work of the item, loaded it—as well as all the other junk items—onto our truck and were gone in only a few minutes. We left our customer happy (always our goal) and able to enjoy his home without the ancient junk cluttering things up.

You may not have an aerobot gathering dust in your home but there may be other odd items lurking in your closet, attic or even right in the middle of your living room. Whatever they may be, if they’re obsolete, unwanted and taking up space, call the junk hauling team at Bumblebee Junk today!


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