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City is Central to our Service Area

Van Nuys junk removal is a large part of our business since the city itself (really now a part of greater Los Angeles) is located almost exactly in the center or our service area radius. That radius stretches from the San Gabriel Valley to the east all the way to the border of Ventura County to the west. We write about Van Nuys in passing but how much do we, or you, know about this iconic San Fernando Valley City?

Like the rest of the Valley and greater L.A., the history of Van Nuys goes back to a time before European explorers and later settlers arrived in California. What we know now as Van Nuys was formed in 1911 and named after Isaac Newton Van Nuys who was a local rancher. In 1915 the city was acquired by the City of Los Angeles. Students of history will be familiar with the Pacific Electric “red car” lines which crisscrossed the Valley and ran from the Inland Empire to Ventura and Long Beach. Van Nuys was the first stop on the red car line.

We no longer have the red cars, unfortunately, and our movement through Van Nuys is usually to haul some junk in one of our trucks. It’s interesting—and even fun—for us as a Southern California business to do more than just make money in the area. Since we’re part of the latest installment in the ongoing history of the San Fernando Valley, it make sense to learn about what came before.

Van Nuys is one of the highest populated areas of the Valley with over 110,000 residents. The population is on the young side with a median age of 28 (according to the Los Angeles Times data). Roughly 60% of Van Nuys resident are Latino. Van Nuys stands out among other Valley cities for the fact that it houses its own courthouse and it’s one of the courthouses that Los Angeles residents may get called to serve at when summoned for jury duty.

Van Nuys is also home to its own private airport. Amenities like these are things that make Van Nuys seem more like a city unto itself than part of the conglomeration that is Los Angeles. Nevertheless, the city is part of the city of Los Angeles and because of its sizeable population is continues to be one of the main sources of junk removal customers for us.

Removing junk at Van Nuys airport
Removing junk at Van Nuys airport

Removal of Junk In Van Nuys, CA

Valley thoroughfares make it easy to get form one end to another and Sherman Way bisects the city almost exactly in half.  From our location in Sun Valley, it’s pretty much a straight shot to and through Van Nuys to any other SFV location.

Construction of new housing in Southern California (and Van Nuys in particular) means more construction debris removal opportunities for us as well as junk hauling for individuals or families that are leaving old premises for those new homes or apartments.

It appears that Van Nuys continues to grow as more families move into this central location which is so close to the 405 and 101 freeways, giving it access to downtown Los Angeles, Ventura County or Simi Valley within a few minutes (providing L.A. traffic cooperates).

As our junk removal business continues to expand Van Nuys will remain central to our operations (both physically and financially). If you live in or near Van Nuys and need to declutter, clean out your yard or garage or otherwise get rid of excess junk, call us at 844-647-2727.


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