Our Junk Removal Team

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11092 Tuxford St #2
Sun Valley, CA 91352
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Bumblebee's Junk Removal Professionals

The Team of junk haulers here at Bumblebee Junk are all specially trained in handling your junky items, including the heaviest items in our home or office. We’ve been removing junk since 2015 so we know a thing or two about the process. One of the greatest benefits of hiring us is your safety. By allowing professionals to come in with the right equipment to handle you removal needs, you save your back, your vehicles, your sanity and avoid potential injury.

When we arrive at your location you’ll be greeted by one of our experienced team members who’ll oversee the removal process. Each one of our specialists knows very well that courtesy counts and we appreciate your business. That will be reflected in the way we treat you while we take away your junk.

junk removal team in action


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