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I have heavy items. Do you do the lifting?

What type of junk do you take?
November 23, 2021
How do you charge for junk removal?
November 23, 2021
Category: junk removal

Some companies, like Bumblebee Junk, have workers that will arrive and haul away your junk items from the inside of your house. This is convenient when you need to get rid of heavy items like furniture or appliances. Some companies may ask you to move your stuff to a specific location, like curbside, or may even have you load the truck yourself! Some companies like to outsource your junk removal job without your knowledge. Not so with Bumblebee Junk. You want to know who’s coming to pick up your stuff. We’re a local company, not a national chain so we’re your neighbors and when you call us, we’re the ones doing the job and the heavy lifting.

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