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Providing Commercial Junk Removal Services In Los Angeles, Burbank, Van Nuys and Simi Valley Areas

Commercial junk removal in Los Angeles requires a team that can respond quickly to the needs of companies engaged in construction, demolition or remodeling. The definition does not stop there. Construction companies, contractors and others involved in building need not rent an expensive and space-consuming dumpster for their projects. With a junk hauling company like us you can schedule a time and place for us to pick up and haul away debris or leftover materials on-site. Compare our services to having to fill up a dumpster. With us you don't have to schedule delivery and/or pickup of what can be a very large and obtrusive item. Our team of junk removing professionals complements your crew and can haul away anything needed in a short time. We save you valuable time, space and of course, money. We can be anywhere you need us--WHEN you need us. (See our service areas map below).

Construction or demo debris takes many forms: wood, concrete, plaster, drywall. You name it, when you're building or tearing down a home, apartment or office building or completing repairs, that trash or junk needs to be removed. Our flatbed hauling trucks are the perfect choice to remove whatever items are keeping you from finishing your job. We're fast and efficient and can be at your location anywhere in greater Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley (even Simi Valley) extremely quickly. Need us the same day? Call us!
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Why Use Us for Your Commercial Junk Hauling Needs?

You're a professional. So are we. Like contractors, we’re a licensed company which means you can trust us to do a professional job. We are experienced in safely and efficiently removing commercial debris. Hiring our team means your team doesn't have to spend extra time carrying away debris.

We're fast! Unlike dumpsters, we don't take up space on your construction site. Once our trucks are full, we're gone.

Got a ton of junk? We're mobile! We can haul your commercial junk and come back for more if you need us. Try that with a dumpster!

When you need debris from construction or demolition removed, call the local company that has the experience to haul it away quickly. Call us at 844-647-2727 to schedule us for your commercial hauling project.

  • Christine Marshall
    Five Star review (on Google My Business)
    Christine Marshall
  • Levgen S,
    The service was fast and efficient, I called and within two hours the rubbish was gone. A perfect service.
    Levgen S,
  • Gerald Donohue
    I needed my garage cleaned out (what a headache) Bumblebee Junk had it gone in no time. Well worth it!
    Gerald Donohue
  • Arthur Dubuque
    If you're like me you keep putting off getting rid of stuff. My wife couldn't take it anymore so I called these guys and my excess junk is now gone. Thanks!!
    Arthur Dubuque
  • Patricia Tiedeman
    Called and let them know how much junk I had. They gave me an estimate. They ended up using less of the truck because they compact things. I was very pleased with the work and would recommend them.
    Patricia Tiedeman
  • Jeremy Evans
    Good work. Needed some furniture moved out. These guys did it same day. Highly recommend.
    Jeremy Evans
  • Haley Faust
    I never used a junk removal company before but somebody said they worked with these guys. I gave them a try and wasn't disappointed. They moved out my broken wardrobe (heavy!) without a problem. Thanks.
    Haley Faust
  • Eric Ford
    Outstanding service. I looked for junk haulers in my area (Burbank) and found Bumblebee. Glad I did. They cleaned out my garage and swept everything clean before leaving. Thumbs up!
    Eric Ford
  • I needed my whole garage gutted for spring cleaning. I called around to several places trying to find the right deal. I called and talked to Steve and the price was right and they came the next day. I would highly recommend them to any family or friends!

    Betsy E. – Agoura Hills, CA

  • BumbleBee Junk was awesome! They were on time, professional, quick, friendly, and honored the quote I was given over the phone. Their rates were very reasonable for the stuff I had, some of it very heavy (like car engines)! I would definitely recommend them to friends and would use them again if the need arises!

    Jenny B. – Burbank, CA

  • The rates were the best I got. I had old mattresses, furniture, my wife’s sewing room, and more. They were on time, quick, and friendly. Thanks.

    Shawn W. – Northridge, CA

We Are Commercial Junk Removal Pros

Commercial debris hauling isn't just a convenience. In Los Angeles it's a necessity. Especially with debris from demolition there can be piles of hazardous materials taking up space in your work area. We're not talking about chemically hazardous (that's something handled specifically by other professionals) but nails, screws, jagged edges, broken glass and more. All these pose a safety hazard to your crew as well as visitors to the site. Workplace injuries cost money and downtime. They hider productivity and the speed at which you can finish your project. Calling a professional, licensed junk company like us can eliminate those safety hazards.

Just as with residential yard or garage cleanups, removing construction waste not only keeps you and your team safe but alleviates the possibility of legal action if a visitor to the site is injured on debris. Hiring our team keeps you clean, safe and reduces the possibility that you'll have to pay more in workers compensation or other insurance due to an accident or injury on site.

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Commercial Junk Hauling from Burbank, Van Nuys or Anywhere in Los Angeles: Call BumbleBee Junk Today!

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No matter where you work in Los Angeles County, BumbleBee Junk is here to help make you work better. Excess debris from demolition or construction can pile up fast and prevent you from working efficiently (or even moving safely around that construction site). The good news is you don't have to deal with debris when you've got BumbleBee Junk on the job. That's our job and we'll whisk that junk away almost before you know it. If you have a construction job coming up or you're in the midst of one and need a team to remove anything, call us at (844) 647-2727.

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