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September 7, 2021

Clean Out Your Storage Unit and Find Out

Anyone familiar with TV’s Storage Wars knows that it’s possible to find hidden treasure in a storage unit. This reality show dealt with repossessed units the contents of which bidders did not know. Basically this was a puffed up game show with surprises and disappointments akin to the old Let’s Make a Deal where a contestant chose what was behind a door without knowing the contents.

Van Nuys junk removal at storage unit
Van Nuys junk removal at storage unit

As with all shows of this type there was a lot of hype and manufactured suspense, but behind that there was a grain of reality: some people have in fact found “buried” treasure in someone else’s storage unit. These units have become the new attics where people store and forget about items of value.

What are the odds you have something valuable hiding in your storage unit? If the unit is yours and you’ve filled it up over the years (and let’s be honest, most people keep their storage units for YEARS) then you’d know if there’s something worth a lot of money. If however, you’re not the one who loaded up the unit then you may be in for a surprise. If a family member passes and you find yourself in charge of the estate it’s an opportunity to divest yourself of that unit and its contents. If the unit is large enough, you may be faced with the onerous task of needing to haul away all that “stuff.”

It’s not something anyone looks forward to, but you don’t have to do it yourself. One call to your storage unit clean out professionals at Bumblebee Junk and all that stuff is as good as gone. Want to watch us load up the truck? Be our guest! And if you something catches your eye before we haul it away, make sure to take a closer look. Some people have stored cash or stock certificates in their units. That’s definitely something you don’t want to throw away.

Van Nuys, CA Pricing Example

Whether go get rich or not while our junk removal team cleans out your storage unit is anyone’s guess, but what we can guarantee is that you’ll be left with an empty and spotless unit which you can get rid of and no longer have to worry about those monthly fees. You may not make a fortune cleaning out your unit but you’ll save big buck over time and that’s one of the prime selling points of hiring a junk hauling service. In Van Nuys, CA, for example, we’ve seen storage facilities charging—wait for it–$238 for a 5×10 unit! Over the course of a year you’d spend $2,856 on that unit. Getting rid of a storage unit is cost effective. You pay you’re junk removal service a fraction of that yearly fee and never have to worry about storage costs again.

You can check out storage unit pricing in Van Nuys both here and at this site. Prices for units throughout greater Los Angeles are similar.

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