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Bulky Item Pickup for Los Angeles
April 15, 2021
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Junk Removal Company Can Help Hoarders
April 19, 2021
Burbank junk removal company city view

Burbank junk removal company city view

L.A.’s Top Junk Removers Love This Media City

Burbank junk hauling company” is one of our appellations since we are located in Sun Valley, California which literally is a stone’s throw from Burbank. And we do mean literally. Sun Valley Borders the City of Burbank. Depending on where you are in Sun Valley you can take one step forward and find yourself on one of the runways of the Burbank airport. It’s no surprise then, that BumbleBee Junk does a lot of business with our Burbank neighbors.

Burbank junk removal company city view
Burbank junk removal company city view

Don’t know Burbank?  Just about everybody in Southern California–and probably the United States–has heard the name Burbank at some point in their lives. If you’re unfamiliar with it however, it’s a city of a little over a hundred thousand residents and it’s located about 12 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. Overshoot Burbank on your way north on Interstate five and you end up in Sun Valley, the headquarters of BumbleBee Junk.  Burbank gained fame–or perhaps notoriety–as the butt of  Tonight Show host Johnny Carson’s jokes. He referred to it, tongue in cheek, as “beautiful downtown Burbank.” For those who live here, however, that kind of teasing is uncalled for because Burbank is actually an extremely pleasant city to live in. Many homes are situated in the Verdugo foothills which overlook Burbank and Sun Valley.  It really is quite a desirable place to live. And for those lucky enough to live here, given enough time, every single one of them is going to produce a significant amount of junk, and that’s absolutely fine with us.

Searching for Burbank Junk Removal Company?

Odds are you happened upon our listing by searching for “Burbank junk removal company” and with our proximity to that city we really do feel that we deserve the name. Burbank is no different than any other city in that homeowners or businesses invariably collect a lot of stuff over the years which at one point or another is going to become junk. It really doesn’t matter whether you live on Glenoaks Boulevard in Burbank or Wilshire Avenue in Los Angeles. Time equals accumulation and accumulation results in junk that needs to be removed.

One facet of our junk removal business is helping real estate agents or homeowners to spruce up a property prior to putting it on the market. Potential buyers are going to be turned off by a lot of junk on the premises, which is understandable.  Removing that junk allows a realtor to take pristine photos of the property before placing them on one of the many homes for sale websites.

Similarly, homebuyers who just purchased a property and who want to put their own style on it through renovation, remodeling or demolition are going to have junk that needs to be removed before the house becomes livable again. In both instances your Burbank junk removal specialists, BumbleBee Junk, can handle either project.

If you’re a Burbank resident or in any of the nearby cities such as Glendale, Pasadena, Studio City or really anywhere in greater Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley and you’ve got junk, call your Burbank junk removal professionals, BumbleBee Junk 844-647-2727


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