Talking Trash (or Junk, Rather) About Van Nuys
August 17, 2021
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Los Angeles Junk Removal Statistics
August 27, 2021
Simi Valley, CA junk removal

Simi Valley, CA junk removal

Northern Edge of Our Junk Removal Service Area

Our junk removal boundaries stretch from Los Angeles in the south to Simi Valley at the northern end. Because we’re located virtually in the middle of these two edges it’s no problem for our junk hauling experts to make the trip into Simi Valley as we often do. But as we asked regarding Van Nuys in a previous post, do you know about Simi Valley history and this portion of Ventura County?

Simi Valley, CA junk removal
Simi Valley, CA junk removal

As Wikipedia states, Simi Valley gets its name from the Chumash Indian word Shimiyi. The name applies both the city and the valley in which its situated, both of which are located west of the San Fernando Valley. Fast forwarding through the Spanish and Rancho periods of Southern California history, this part of what is now greater Los Angeles really came into being after 1950. At that point in time the population was only around 4,000. With the advent of tract housing and a boom in building the town has since grown to a size of about 125,000.

Similar to Van Nuys, the amount of residents in Simi makes it an ideal place to do business or expand into. Lower housing costs and good schools are one of the attractions of this area and the reason so many choose to live here. The commute from Simi to Los Angeles is not overly burdensome and cheaper houses make it easier for workers to live here. The 118 freeway links Simi Valley to the San Fernando Valley and the proximity of the 405 as well as 5 and 170 freeways give Simi Valley residents plenty of options when determining how and where to commute.

Junk Removing in Simi Valley

The growth in population over the last few decades means that there has been substantial movement in and out of Simi Valley as new and younger families find the area suits their needs. More families and more houses mean inevitably more junk and many in the Simi Valley environs call upon the junk hauling service of Bumblebee Junk when overwhelmed with excess.

Simi Valley has become an attraction in its own right with the building of the Reagan Library following President Reagan leaving office in January of 1989. The library has attracted hundred of thousands of visitors to the city and region since its construction, further adding to the economy of the area.

Overall the majority (approximately 73% of Simi’s population is white with about 23% Latino. Other races make of the difference. Interestingly, the next largest group is Pacific Islanders at a little over 8%.

Because it’s situated in Southern California, its closeness to movie studios has made Simi Valley the location for several films and television shows from 1937 when the Corriganville Movie Ranch was established. In the ensuing years many more films and shows such as Little House on the Prairie to things like the Cat in the Hat starring Mike Meyers have been filmed here.

With film production, a world-famous presidential library and affordable housing, Simi Valley continues to attract Southern Californians to itself and its population continues its upward growth. When it comes to removing all of Simi Valley’s junk, we’ve got them covered. We haul it one truckload at a time.

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