Junk hauling creates happiness
Junk Hauling for Fun and Profit
April 26, 2021
Los Angeles junk removal from fixer upper
Junk Removal Business is Picking Up!
April 28, 2021
Los Angeles junk pickup

Real Los Angeles junk pickup

From Simi Valley to Thousand Oaks: We Make You Feel Better

Los Angeles junk pick up services do more than just tidy of your home or office by removing excess junk. There is a definite psychological aspect to getting rid of junk. We’ve touched on the subject the number of times including how junk removal makes you feel better as well as a solution for people who are prone to hoarding.  The fact is there is a definite psychological boost by cleaning junked up areas of your home or office.

We won’t go into minute detail here, and there are plenty of articles online about the psychological effects of clutter, which you can read it anytime. Suffice it to say–and you probably already know this intuitively–having a clean work or living area does something to the brain. When you are not looking at piles of junk subconsciously you are not holding onto these things in your mind. Your mind is therefore free to let go. This manifests itself in many ways including clearer thinking and less stress and anxiety. L.A. is already full of many of us who feel somewhat neurotic. We don’t need to add to our neuroses by piling up junk in our homes.

Los Angeles junk pickup
Real Los Angeles junk pickup

Of course there are many of us who feel we need to hold onto this or that. It may be difficult for some of us to let go and clean up. There is an interesting article in Psychology Today about just this subject. We think however that all of us knows deep town in That a Clean, clutter free environment is healthy. It’s also healthier in many ways not just psychologically. Clutter generates dust and provides a home for insects and other unwanted visitors.  Getting rid of things that you don’t need via junk removal is always the best choice.

Scheduling Your Personal Junk Pickup in L.A.

We’ll leave it to you or your friends and family to provide the impetus for the decision to hire a junk removal company. However we want to encourage that decision and let you know that the junk pick up service like Bumblebee Junk makes the decision that much easier since you really don’t need to do a thing except perhaps put all your junk to be removed in one location. Once we arrive at your location we do all the work, pick up the junk, haul it away, and leave you to enjoy you’re clean and tidy environment.

When it’s time for your own personal junk pickup day, call the experts at Bumblebee Junk and we’ll be on it like white on rice!


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