Hiring a junk removal service in Los Angeles
Junk Removal Company To The Rescue
April 2, 2021
Heavy junk removal Los Angeles
Junk Removal Company Does the Heavy Lifting
April 6, 2021
garage before burbank junk removal

garage before burbank junk removal

We’re Not Kidding!

Think “junk removal in Los Angeles” and what comes to mind? An overstuffed garage that doesn’t have room for a car it’s so cluttered? Old appliances that somehow didn’t make it to the recycling center because you don’t know where it is? That old sofa you’ve been holding onto “just in case?” Well, those are some of the most common images when we think of junk removal. But there’s another aspect to removing junk that many don’t think about. A junk removal company like BumbleBee Junk plays an important role in keeping cities beautiful.

garage before burbank junk removal
garage before burbank junk removal

A growing problem throughout the country is the accumulation of junk and garbage along our streets. Careless, thoughtless or economically challenged residents make the bad decision to toss their junk along a roadside. This wrong on so many levels: morally, aesthetically, hygienically and with regard to safety. Many people think “out of sight, out of mind,” dump their junk on a roadside and leave but they’re only expecting someone else to pick up after them. If no one does (and where’s the incentive to do so?) that junk will lay there, gathering dust or rusting and disintegrating for years or decades. It’s unsightly, makes the neighborhood less inviting, causes housing values to drop, may be hazardous for young children (or even adults) and it’s just a selfish thing to do.

Those who dispose of their junk in such ways run the risk of a police visit and may face severe fines. In some parts of the country fines for roadside dumping can reach $25,000 or more. Do you really want to risk a visit from the authorities? What’s more, do you really want to be known as that person who dumped his junk on the side of the road?

Junk Hauling Companies Clean Up Los Angeles

The good news is that junk hauling companies like BumbleBee Junk can removed all that junk and put it where is need to go—legally. And we do all the work. We can take a little or a lot (and believe us, we have hauled a LOT of junk over the years).  This keeps the junk off the side of the road. One call to us means you’ll never have to worry about that knock on your door with a warning or a fine from the police which is something you shouldn’t risk. Best of all, you’ll be preserving the environment. A clean, junk-free environment makes everyone feel good about the area in which they live. Happy people equals a better world. See? We really weren’t kidding about this!

Have junk to be removed? One call takes care of it all. If you’re in the Los Angeles, Burbank or San Fernando Valley area (heck, we even serve Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley) give us a call and we’ll do the haul(ing).


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