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May 13, 2021
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Junk removal San Fernando Valley California

Junk removal San Fernando Valley California

“Gentlemen Haulers” in Burbank

San Fernando Valley junk removal company Bumblebee Junk services a wide area. From the San Gabriel Valley to the east past the confines of the San Fernando Valley to the west and as far north as Simi Valley, we consider ourselves the most responsive and best junk removal company in Los Angeles.

We refer to ourselves as “gentlemen haulers” with a bit of humor but the name is accurate in that we strive to be the nicest, most professional junk removal team you’ll ever have the pleasure of hiring. We know that junk hauling is a dirty business sometimes. Especially when dealing with construction debris hauling or a junk pile in that backyard that’s been gathering dust for quite some time. Aside from things being unsightly while the junk is still in place, the last thing you want or need is a team of junk removers traipsing around your home or office like bulls in a china shop.

Junk removal San Fernando Valley California
Junk removal San Fernando Valley California

Once you call us for junk removal anywhere in greater Los Angeles (and beyond) we will schedule your junk pickup. We’ll be there on time and with a great attitude. We strive to make short work of whatever junk you have and we make sure to leave that area tidy. After all, we want satisfied customers and doing a great job means you’re going to recommend us to your friends, family or coworkers.

Burbank / Sun Valley is a Central Location

As Burbank junk removal specialists (based in Sun Valley, CA) we’re lucky that we are in such a central location. We have the SFV to the west, and cities like Pasadena and Monrovia to the east. From our Burbank-adjacent headquarters we can easily service Van Nuys or Encino, Studio City or Chatsworth as well as Simi Valley to the north and Hollywood or West Los Angeles to the south.  In short, if you find yourself searching for junk hauling professionals, we want to be the company you choose.

We’ve seen it all and have removed everything from old appliances, decrepit furniture, hauled away construction and demolition debris, cleaned out houses for realtors and have left scores of happy clients in our wake. We stress this constantly but it’s the reason we’ve been able to expand over the last few years. You as the customer have the ability to choose which company you want to give your hard-earned money when it comes to removing your junk and we know there are many to choose from in Los Angeles. We want to be the one you choose because we want you to be satisfied. A smiling customer is going to have a good feeling when they think about the junk hauling service they just paid for. When a junk removing service can make you feel good, you’re going to recommend it to others. That’s what we want. Once we remove your junk, odds are you’re not going to need our services for quite some time (since we’re really good at what we do) so any friends and family you recommend us to means we keep busy. And we’re happiest when we’re busy. Busy as bees. As in BumbleBee Junk.

Are you in the San Fernando Valley? Got junk you need removed? One call does it all. Call us today at 844-647-2727.


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