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July 2, 2021
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July 9, 2021
Storage unit clean out cost in Los Angeles

Storage unit rental cost in Los Angeles: HIGH!

Don’t Pay to Store Junk, Remove It!

Storage units have their place. Sometimes you need some extra space. We know of many people who rent storage units to store old (that is, “classic”) automobiles. If a car is worth a cool fortune and you don’t have room or don’t want to keep it on your property then the cost of storage makes sense. For the vast majority of us, however, storage units become an elephants’ graveyard of junk. We put things in our storage units that we think we need or will come back to retrieve at some later date but we’ll bet you 99.9% of people never do. It’s an “out of sight, out of mind” situation.

Depending on the size of the unit you’re renting you’re probably paying at least $100 per month. Got a larger unit? You’re probably paying much more than that. We think you could put that hundred (or more) to better use (say, leasing a car, going out to dinner, paying your rent, etc.) by getting rid of your storage unit and all the junk inside it. If the peace of mind you get from divesting yourself of decades of junk isn’t enough, perhaps the thought of all that extra cash in your pocket each month will be.

Storage unit clean out cost in Los Angeles
Storage unit rental cost in Los Angeles: HIGH!

Doing a storage unit clean out can be an all-day job if you try to do it yourself. Larger units definitely need more time, but even a small unit can ruin a large chunk of the day, especially if you don’t have a vehicle large enough to handle all that junk in one go. Plus, that junk has to go somewhere. Back into your home? No! Remember why you rented that unit in the first place: to get that junk out of your house. Finding a place to dump that junk is also a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be.

Call The L.A. Junk Removal Pros

One call to Bumblebee Junk means your storage unit can be cleaned out, completely in record time. We’re not just one guy or you and a friend you’ve induced to give you a hand, we’re a team of junk removing specialists who can make quick work of your junk. And we’re not trying to stuff as much obsolete stuff into a hatchback or even an SUV. No, we come prepared with a junk hauling truck that will handle whatever you have in your storage unit.

You pay a low junk removal price and our team of pros will clean out your storage unit faster than you thought possible.  Once we’re done you will be saving all that money you were spending on storage every month. And we’ll handle disposal. You don’t have to give it a second thought. AND you won’t have to pay the local landfill for the privilege of dumping your discards. We can’t think a better proposition.

The only thing we ask (other than hiring Los Angeles’ best junk removal company—Bumblebee Junk, of course) is that when you do use that money you saved for a celebratory dinner you perhaps raise a glass to toast the junk removal professionals responsible in part for your celebration! Call today! 844-647-2727


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