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Garage cleanout junk removal Burbank, CA

Garage cleanout junk removal in Burbank, CA

Cabrini Villas a Prime Example of Garage Clutter

Garage cleanouts  seem to be happening more and more in Sun Valley. For those of us who live here we’re well acquainted with Cabrini Villas, the condominium complex that straddles the border between Burbank and Sun Valley, CA. For those of you who don’t know about it, the complex occupies the hillside just above Woodbury University on Glenoaks Blvd.

Garage cleanout junk removal Burbank, CA
Garage cleanout junk removal in Burbank, CA

We know and service many of our Sun Valley neighbors in the Cabrini Villas association. Most of the time they require our junk removal services to clean out their overstuffed garages. Why is this a trend? We have a few ideas. First off, because there are so many units in this association (over 800) it means that there are hundred of garages pretty close to one another and a drive through the association usually reveals a few garage doors open at any one time. Most make use of the space to park two cars, but a significant amount (we’d estimate about 20%) are using their garages for something other than parking.

We checked with Cabrini Villas Homeowners Association and they revealed that more owners are moving into the community with more than two cars. For those who use their garages for parking, this mean even when two cars fill the garage there are more cars than the garage will accommodate and parking must be done outside (either in parking areas or on the street). However, some Cabrini residents use their garages for business. Some have turned them into mini warehouses or drop shipment centers.

There are also those residents who have moved their excess junk into the garage. We’ve see garages with space for one car while the other space is used as an impromptu storage unit. (And you know what we think of storage units!). Still others have left no room for even a single automobile. Junk is piled up from floor to ceiling and a pathway has been left so that the owners can get in and out of their home. In our humble opinion this is when people have let their junk get the better of them. In a community like Cabrini where neighbors are in such close proximity having a junk-filled garage is also kind of embarrassing.  Neighbors who walk or drive by while the garage is open can see how much junk has piled up and in all honesty it reflects badly on the owners. This is the time when a cleanout of the garage is not only a good idea, it’s critical!

If for no other reason than pride of ownership, residents whose garages are packed to the gills should call the Sun Valley junk removal specialists as soon as possible. And for those good neighbors who see the plight of their companions next door, a friendly recommendation to get rid of that junk is probably appropriate. It may be just the incentive your neighbor needs to make the decision to de-clutter.

Clean sweep of Sun Valley CA garage
A clean garage is a happy garage!

Cleaning Out Garages to Save Money

One more reason that Cabrini homeowners should consider junk removal is money. Recently Cabrini Villas raised the rates for parking passes on their property. Formerly around $35, the passes now cost an owner $75 per year. For those who don’t have room in their garage to park their cars they may be shelling out an extra $75 to be able to keep their car nearby. If they don’t pay for a pass, they have to park on the main thoroughfare, Cabrini Drive and walk (sometimes a long way) to get to their house. Some cars have been crashed into or broken into when parked on the street. Even undamaged cars suffer from prolonged exposure to the sun, especially in the scorching Los Angeles heat.

For annual savings and for just plain convenience as well as increased safety of vehicles it make total sense to schedule a garage clean out. This doesn’t necessarily have to apply only to Cabrini Villas and Sun Valley. There are plenty of Burbank residents too who border on hoarding and could use a hand to dispose of all the junk they’re keeping in their garages. We’re hare to help and we make it SO EASY to divest yourself of clutter. Don’t wait. Pick up the phone and schedule an appointment to empty your garage of junk. We’re Bumblebee Junk and we’ll take care of it. Just call 844-647-2727 today!


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