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Mattress removal and disposal company Burbank, CA

Mattress removal and disposal company Burbank, CA

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Mattress pick up is something everyone needs at some point in their lives. Honestly, you’ll probably need this service several times in your life. Being located adjacent to Burbank we often have the opportunity to drive through that city on one of our scheduled junk removal runs. We’re using Burbank, CA as the example here but the experience could apply to any city in the country.  You no doubt have seen similar images in your neck of the woods: a lonely mattress by itself of with its box spring, propped up against a wall or fence or tossed from the back of a vehicle into some deserted lot and left to rot.

Mattress removal and disposal company Burbank, CA
Mattress removal and disposal company Burbank, CA

We see it too. It’s an eyesore, among other things. If not discarded on a roadside then some do the next best thing and take their mattress to a landfill. Statistically, 50,000 mattresses end up in landfills. EACH DAY! You can see how something so big and bulky will fill up our landfills more quickly than if they weren’t dumped there.  The longer the time before a landfill reaches its maximum capacity, the better. So any steps you (or we) can take to avoid discarding mattresses haphazardly is going to help immensely.

It’s such a problem that states like California have implemented mattress recycling programs. There has even been laws passed in the state such as the  California Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act to try to curb illegal dumping of mattresses. While that’s a good step, people with mattresses (e.g., in Burbank, CA) need a reliable method to dispose of their mattresses in instances where they don’t have a vehicle to transport them. That’s where a mattress removal company like BumbleBee Junk comes in. Old, obsolete mattresses fall into the junk category and if there’s one thing we’re good at it’s junk hauling.  No matter what the size is, queen, king, cal king or anything else our junk removers and our vehicles can handle it.

Mattresses contain a lot of recyclable material and while it may be inconvenient for you to find a recycling facility or to take the mattress there, we work with local Burbank-area recyclers so you can rest assured that old mattress isn’t going to be cluttering up a local landfill like the Burbank Landfill on Bel Aire Drive. We’ve always been committed to making use of as much of the junk we remove as possible. It’s good for the environment and for us. All the same goes for any other furniture removal you may need. If it’s a stove and not a mattress, we’ll make short work of it too.

So, if you have an old mattress that needs to be gotten rid of, please don’t toss it on the roadside. Give BumbleBee Junk a call and let us pick it up and haul it away. Call today for a free quote! 844-647-2727.


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