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Mattress Pick Up in Burbank, CA, Glendale and the San Fernando Valley Areas

Mattress pick up is only a phone call away, and if you’re a Los Angeles resident anywhere in the San Fernando Valley from Burbank to Thousand Oaks or Simi Valley, BumbleBee Junk is ready to help. Mattresses are going to wear out eventually. Whether they’re built with springs, coils or are one of the new generation of mattresses that use air or special foam or rubber, at some point they will need to be replaced.

Mattresses are bulky and unwieldly in most cases and trying to lift and remove a mattress from your bedroom to get it out of the house can be a real struggle. Some mattress companies will haul your old mattress away when you purchase on of theirs, but not always. Some of the newer mattresses that are shipped to you in a box don’t provide removal of your old one. Trying to push, pull and heave an old king-size mattress down a flight (or two) of stairs can be a nightmare. I you need it gone and don’t want to deal with the hassle yourself, call us!

We’re the cheaper mattress pick up company, who will beat any competitors’ quoted price. BumbleBee Junk has been removing old mattresses in the Burbank, Glendale and greater Los Angeles areas for over a decade. We also serve ALL of greater L.A. as you see on this map so if you need that bulky old mattress or any other big furniture item removed, we’ll be on the spot when you need us!

When it comes to old, heavy mattresses, sofas, tables or anything else you need hauled away we always give you a free, no-obligation quote. Plus we want to be your go-to hauling company. Complete satisfaction is always our goal.
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Why Choose BumbleBee Junk for Your Mattress Pick Up Needs?

We are your local pick up company. We live and work here in the Valley. We are not a chain or national franchise which means we don’t have to spend a lot on advertising. That’s why we will ALWAYS come in below the prices of the big name pick up companies.

We are your SoCal neighbors. We know that we just might be picking up a mattress from the people that live next door so we want to do the best job possible. Our business was (and is) built on great customer service and we want to exemplary for our customers so you can recommend us to your neighbors and friends. .

We respect your time and property. Nothing is more annoying than waiting for a service that’s been scheduled and the company doesn’t arrive on time. When you call us we’ll be there when we say. Also with big, bulky items like mattresses we are going to take the necessary steps an precautions to remove those types of items from your apartment, home or office taking care not to damage anything in the process. We promise to treat your property like it was our own home. Unlike other old mattress removal companies, we promise to leave your space cleaner than when we arrived.

Last, we are not a company that charges by how far we have to travel to pick up your mattress. Some of our competitors do this and we don’t think it’s right. If you live in Burbank, Van Nuys or even in Simi Valley you pay the same no matter your distance from us (or our distance from you!)

Pick up the phone and call us. We’ll get your info and provide you that no obligation quote. We’ll then schedule a pick up time that works for you. If you’re expecting a new mattress delivery and need the old one gone on a certain day, we’ll be there. If you simply want to reclaim space in a room where you no longer need that old mattress and want it hauled off, we’ll be there!

  • Christine Marshall
    Five Star review (on Google My Business)
    Christine Marshall
  • Levgen S,
    The service was fast and efficient, I called and within two hours the rubbish was gone. A perfect service.
    Levgen S,
  • Gerald Donohue
    I needed my garage cleaned out (what a headache) Bumblebee Junk had it gone in no time. Well worth it!
    Gerald Donohue
  • Arthur Dubuque
    If you're like me you keep putting off getting rid of stuff. My wife couldn't take it anymore so I called these guys and my excess junk is now gone. Thanks!!
    Arthur Dubuque
  • Patricia Tiedeman
    Called and let them know how much junk I had. They gave me an estimate. They ended up using less of the truck because they compact things. I was very pleased with the work and would recommend them.
    Patricia Tiedeman
  • Jeremy Evans
    Good work. Needed some furniture moved out. These guys did it same day. Highly recommend.
    Jeremy Evans
  • Haley Faust
    I never used a junk removal company before but somebody said they worked with these guys. I gave them a try and wasn't disappointed. They moved out my broken wardrobe (heavy!) without a problem. Thanks.
    Haley Faust
  • Eric Ford
    Outstanding service. I looked for junk haulers in my area (Burbank) and found Bumblebee. Glad I did. They cleaned out my garage and swept everything clean before leaving. Thumbs up!
    Eric Ford
  • I needed my whole garage gutted for spring cleaning. I called around to several places trying to find the right deal. I called and talked to Steve and the price was right and they came the next day. I would highly recommend them to any family or friends!

    Betsy E. – Agoura Hills, CA

  • BumbleBee Junk was awesome! They were on time, professional, quick, friendly, and honored the quote I was given over the phone. Their rates were very reasonable for the stuff I had, some of it very heavy (like car engines)! I would definitely recommend them to friends and would use them again if the need arises!

    Jenny B. – Burbank, CA

  • The rates were the best I got. I had old mattresses, furniture, my wife’s sewing room, and more. They were on time, quick, and friendly. Thanks.

    Shawn W. – Northridge, CA

We Are Mattress Pick Up Pros

One thing we haven’t mentioned (and it’s not something people like to talk about) is that over time your traditional mattress can end up weighing more than when you bought it. The distasteful reason for this is that small creatures (mites, bedbugs or other critters) often make their way inside your mattress. These invaders eventually die and they remain inside that mattress! If you needed another reason to get rid of that old mattress, this is near the top of the list.

You may not have thought about it but old mattresses can be health hazards. The small insect that may creep into your bed can contribute to allergies and more. We’re more than happy to get rid of your old, infested mattress whenever you make that call to BumbleBee Junk.

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Find Mattress Removal in Burbank, Los Angeles and Southern California Area By Contacting BumbleBee Junk Today

A clean healthy home and a good night’s sleep are two benefits of a new mattress. When it’s time to get rid of your worn-out, junky old mattress and replace it with a new one, allow us to be the company you call.

Our specialty is making your home better is many ways by removing whatever it is that’s taking up space, cluttering your room or contributing to an unhealthy environment. Make us your go-to mattress pick up service in North Hollywood, Studio City or Hollywood. Call us today at (844) 647-2727 and let us take your old mattress off your hands.

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